My partnership with TrainSharp:

A very long time ago in 2014, through the connection Catford Equipe Banks and TrainSharp had at the time, I was invited down to Trainsharp HQ by both Mike Morgan of Catford and Jon Sharples of TrainSharp. The purpose of the visit was for me to do some testing to see what sort of numbers I could produce. The testing proved a success and Jon very kindly agreed to coach me for the next season. 
Three years on I regularly look back at this moment and think how fortunate I was for Jon to do this for me. It is TrainSharp that have helped me developed and mature into the rider I am grateful to be now. Many of the opportunities that have come my way have been down to Jon and his crew:  the season I spent with HMT and the choice to go abroad to Belgium and race for 2018 to name a couple.
TrainSharp has been instrumental in the successes I have enjoyed throughout my career and my greatest thanks go out to Jon, Paul, Elliot, and Chris for taking me on again for 2018.
For those of you looking to step up your game look no further than TrainSharp.


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